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Finally… a smart collar for small dogs and cats!

GPS tracking • Reminders & Notifications • Night Visibility • Multifunctional
• Swappable Battery • Mobile App

Feeding Time Done Right.

When they beg for a second meal, tap the Scollar smart collar screen.
Scollar knows if pets have been fed, making the daily routine a little less hectic.

FLEAs Don’t Stand a Chance.

Tired of their scratching waking you up at 3:00am?
Scollar reminds you to reapply flea/tick medicine before fleas come back.

Know Where They Are.

For those times when the cat is hiding again or your dog wanders a little too far.
Scollar uses GPS and Bluetooth BLE to help you keep track of them.

Easily Swap Out the Battery.

Scollar comes with two rechargeable batteries and a charging base,
so you always have a fully charged battery ready and waiting.

Pet Collar Display Interaction

Cat Feeding

Pet Feeding

Want to be sure your pet got breakfast? Set up feeding times on the Scollar app then let the smart collar notify you when it’s feeding time. One tap dismisses the reminder and let’s other family members know your pet has been fed.

Flea and tick cat collar

Flea and tick cat collar

Tired of that 3am wakeup call because your pet is scratching? Setup a flea & tick reminder on the Scollar app then let the smart collar alert you that it’s time to reapply before the scratching begins.

Cat Collar Notification

Pet Med Notifications

Pets sometimes need medicine. Let Scollar be your medication control center. The Scollar app easily guides you through entering the medicine, dosage, and duration your pet has to take it. The smart collar will do the rest.

Cat Collar Status

Pet collar status

Scollar is smart, so it is mostly in resting mode to save battery life. Want to check in and make sure your cat is fed and medicated? Three screen taps wakes up the collar so you can be sure his needs have been met. You can also see it all on your Scollar app, just to be extra safe.

App Key Features

Multiple Pets

The Scollar app helps you take care of every member of your furry family. Entering multiple pets into the app is super easy and takes just a few minutes.

Find My Pets

Whether you are looking for the cat before you go to bed or your dog has wandered away from you, you want to know where your pets are. Now you can easily track them with Scollar.

Pet Feeding

Pets know there are many people in the house who will feed them, ensuring that sometimes they get two meals in the morning. Track your pet’s meals on the Scollar app so you can resist when they beg for second breakfast.

Pet Med Notifications

Having trouble remembering your pet’s medicines? Enter the information into the Scollar app and have confidence your pet is getting that daily medicine.

Learn to train

The Scollar app gathers the thousands of training videos that are on the internet in one place and the community lifts the highest rated ones to the top making it easy for you to find the best training for your pet.

Track Pet Training Progress

In case you forgot what commands are left in your pet’s training, we have got you covered. The Scollar app knows the commands she has mastered and the ones still in progress. When a skill is mastered, you can shout if from the mountain tops or on social media, whichever you prefer.

Pet Collar Addl. Features

Battery Charging Base

Scollar sleek charging station sits on the counter, keeping one battery charged and at the ready while the other is being used. The ultimate backup plan.

Module Insert/Removal

Built on an open platform, Scollar invites developers to create all sorts of functionality we have not even thought of yet, giving you and your pets exactly what you need, when you need it.

Battery Swapping

The Scollar smart collar battery pouch makes it easy to swap the battery without having to take the collar off your pet. The Scollar and app will even let you know when the current battery is running low.

Breakaway for Cats Only

Cats can get hung up on things so we made the Cat collar with a breakaway latch to keep your kitty safe.

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