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The only collar your pet will ever need

Scollar Features

Lost pet tracking

We want you reunited with your best friend ASAP so we packed Scollar with the latest radio & CAT-M1 LTE cellular, Bluetooth BLE, and highly tuned antennas. With only a $5 monthly fee.

Temperature alerts

Your best bud can’t tell you he’s too hot or too cold. So we put a sensor on Scollar to keep track of ambient temperature and alert you when he could be at risk.​

Perimeter barriers

Is kitty sharpening her claws on your new couch? Scollar perimeter barriers will vibrate, buzz and blink when she gets too close, annoying her like crazy and saving your sofa.​

Daily care routines

Scollar keeps you on top of daily care. Set reminders on the app for feeding, flea/tick treatments & medications. Scollar will notify you on the collar & your phone. Cool, right?​

Pet door operation

We’ve placed a special radio frequency chip inside Scollar that works with several pet doors. Give your best friend freedom to roam on her own without those extra tags or collars.​

and everything else too...

Scollar is built on an open platform so we can collaborate, partner, and develop new functionality and services to keep you and your best friend happy & healthy!​

The smart collar he really wants

if he could talk, he would tell you that

He used to have to wear lots of collars. Now Zuko just wears Scollar Trek.​

One sleek device that handles tracking, training, pet doors, feeders, invisible fences, barking, and even reminders. The open, modular design gives him all this and so much more.  

Scollar will give your furry pal the functionality he wants in one beautiful collar.​ Now you’re talking his language.
















Scollar makes caring for your pets as easy as loving them

Keep track of Miss Adventure

Something catches her eye and off she goes. ​

You need to know where she’s headed… fast!​

We made the kind of tracking we would trust to reunite us with our own best friends. Scollar GPS is turbocharged with highly tuned, correctly positioned antennas and the best chip & communications technology available. ​

Peace of mind for you and your best friend is our top priority at Scollar.​

Whether your furry pal stays close by or runs happily towards her next adventure, Scollar will be there to get her home.​

a smart collar as unique as you are​

City living and country living. Staycations and road trips. Kibble and people food. ​

We know you and your best furry friend are totally unique. ​

We built Scollar on an open, modular platform so you can have life with your pets your way. Expand Scollar with easily inserted modules that seamlessly integrate with the smart collar. 

Scollar powers your unique lifestyle with our sleek smart collar.

It really is that simple to have exactly what you need for you and your pet. ​



Modules expand the smart collar ​

What does it mean to expand the smart collar? 

It means you can care for your pets the way you want to without having to buy multiple collars.

When your needs change, you can easily swap out a new module and it will automatically work with the smart collar. Our first module is a vibration motor and beacon set-up for perimeter barriers. Our second module is a power port. We’re working on invisible fences next.

Scollar gives you the freedom to grow and change with your pet.

The open platform invites partnerships and collaboration to expand Scollar’s functionality to things we haven’t even thought of yet.

Scollar app keeps track of everything​

Lost pet tracking. Pet sharing. Reminders & notifications. Training. ​

It’s all included in the Scollar app. ​

Our intuitive and fun app guides you through pet setup. The map slider shows where your pal has been in case you have to find him in the future. Feeding & medication schedules are easily managed. Click the training icon to access highly curated videos that make you both smarter.

Pet sharing on the Scollar app keeps everyone up to date.   

The app and smart collar work together to keep you in the know about your pet. 

The only collar your Pet will ever need




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