One collar
every function!

  • GPS tracking without monthly fees!
  • Feeding, flea/tick, and medication reminders and logging
  • Up to 30-days of battery life
  • Tappable interactive display
  • Add-on vibration module for perimeter barriers and training
  • On-collar magnetic portable charging (no fuss!)
  • Mobile App for iOS and Andriod
Scollar Mini blue screen new copy
Feeding time done right.

When they beg for a second meal, tap the Scollar Mini smart collar screen. Scollar knows if pets have been fed, making the daily routine a little less hectic.

CES Scollar Mini Feeding
Scollar App, feeding time display
Fleas don't
stand a chance.

Tired of their scratching waking you up at 3:00am? Scollar reminds you to reapply flea/tick medicine before fleas come back.

CES Scollar Mini flea tick
Scollar App, flea and tick
Keep track of them.

For those times when the cat is hiding again or your dog wanders a little too far. Scollar uses GPS and Bluetooth BLE to help you keep track of them.

CES Scollar Mini Lost Pe
Scollar App, keep track of your pets
Charge Without Removing the Scollar.

The Scollar portable charging block magnetically attaches to the bottom of the Scollar, so you don’t have to hassle with removing the Scollar from your pet. In less than two hours the Scollar is fully charged!