Pet parents are always looking for new ways to keep their fur babies healthy and happy. Along the way, some pet parents have turned to alternative treatments. One of them: cannabis oil.

Let’s back up a second. The animal care market has taken many cues from human health care, especially in recent years. You see this happening in the range of modern diagnostic testing now available at vets across the country, and high-tech veterinary equipment with all the latest bells and whistles. Cannabis oil is just the latest human health fad – or alternative treatment – to hit the animal care market. But how do you use it? And what do you need to know about it before trying it on your own cat or dog? (And, heck, does it even work?)

Read on, we’ve gotcha covered.

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CBD Oil, Explained

While cannabis plants are packed with tons of compounds, one of the common ones used for medicinal purposes is called cannabidiol, or CBD. The interesting thing about CBD is that it won’t get you “high” – it doesn’t cause any psychoactive impact. It has no THC in it. Instead, users have turned to CBD to see if it has positive therapeutic benefits for their animals.

Word on the street is that CBD may help with a range of pet health challenges, including inflammation, pain and even anxiety. It may also be used for things like arthritis and nausea. It’s not a cure; it’s for pet comfort and general wellness.


Is CBD Safe For Pets?

We’re not doctors, but numerous sources and veterinarians have come forward to state that yes, CBD is safe for your cat or dog. There aren’t long-lasting side effects. It’s not going to wreak havoc on Kitty’s liver. And no, your dog isn’t going to be high and stumbling around your house, looking for Cheetos. However, you may notice your dog get relaxed, or perhaps a bit sleepy. That’s all.

But, like all things alternative (and really, all things health care), you’ll have to test to see if it works. You may be excited to try it out on your pooch, but they may turn their nose to a CBD-infused biscuit. Or, you may not see remarkable effects, at least not right away. What works for one dog may not work for another.

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What Else You Should Know About CBD And Pets

You should know that you’re wading in murky waters. There’s many theories about CBD and there may be many users who believe in its potential animal care benefits, but it’s still a new thing. That means there’s a lot of questions and a lot of testing yet to be done. It may be widely accepted in some circles and not so much in others. And, of course, there’s the ever-changing political side to CBD – it’s new territory. (So, get comfortable with ambiguity!).

If you’re considering giving it a go, here’s a few things to consider:

How to give CBD to your pet: First, go to the expert. Ask your vet! CBD comes in a variety of packages, from oil to doggy biscuits. You may have to see what your vet says, and marry that with what your pet will take.

Wait, is it legal? Well, that depends on where you live. It’s a state thing. Before you go forward with CBD, check out your state’s latest laws on CBD.

Do your research: If it sounds too good to be true, it just might be. Do your research before purchasing any CBD products online. Ask around to see if your vet or anyone in your trusted network can make a recommendation for where to purchase CBD. And beware of companies promising too much, making false claims. It doesn’t hurt to read reviews before you buy.

If you’ve tried CBD on your pet, we’re interested in hearing what you think. Share your experience with the Scollar community.




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