Tap the Screen to Interact with the Scollar Smart Collar

The Scollar team is testing our Alpha Scollar smart collar and incorporating what we learn into our Beta Scollar smart collars.  We will be showcasing in Eureka Park at CES, January 5-8, 2017 in Las Vegas – drop by and see us at booth 51421, right across from TechCrunch!

Our phones and smart watches allow us to interact directly with the screens, so we made Scollar with a tappable display screen as well. However, playtime for dogs and cats can be rough and tumble, so we created a triple tap function on or around the screen to wake up the Scollar smart collar.

The Scollar Smart Collar Status Screens

Older dog and cat technology lacks status information on the collar itself. Triple tap on the Scollar smart collar display screen to see all sorts of information about your pet you previously had to guess about.

  • Know the dog or cat has been fed in the morning or evening
  • Ensure medicines have been dispensed on the right schedule
  • Keep flea and tick application is up to date
  • See how much battery life is left on the charge
  • Verify that Bluetooth is connected
  • Check sound volume on the collar

The Scollar Smart Collar Reminders and Notifications Screens

Families with kids and pets likely either give the dogs and cats two meals or forget to feed them entirely as they rush around in the morning.  Also,any idea the last time flea medicine was applied? We built three important reminders and notifications into the app and the Scollar smart collar.

  • Feedings
  • Flea and Tick applications
  • Medicine reminders

After feeding the pets, single tap near the Scollar screen to dismiss the reminder and never miss a pet feeding again. Tired of waking up at 3am to incessant scratching?  Set up a flea/tick reminder on the Scollar app and the collar will remind you to apply medicine before the fleas return.

The Scollar App Is Very Easy to Use

img_2935The easy to use Scollar app is completely integrated with the Scollar smart collar. Set up all reminders for feeding, flea/tick and medications for each cat and dog on the Scollar app.  Then indicate if you want the reminder sent to the collar, the phone or both.

The Scollar app also helps to train dogs and cats for free by bringing together all the best video content from the internet. View training videos, favorite the ones you like, rank them so the best ones rise to the top.  And if you don’t like one, poop on it and it will disappear from your training feed.

Our next technology update will introduce the Scollar smart collar battery and charging base setup.



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