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Taking care of your dog goes beyond just caring for them within your house. Once summer arrives, all bets are off. It’s a time for road trips, discovering new places and playing in the sun. There’s a good chance you’ll want to bring your pooch along for the adventure, but beware: the risk of a dog overheating in your car in is at an all time high in the summer. (And, car safety is not as simple as leaving the car on; that can open up a whole other bag ‘o’ problems!).

Learn the right way to approach car safety with your pooch this summer. Read on to see what you can to do to keep your dog safe on the road.

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Choose the Drive-Through.

When you’re driving with your dog and you get hungry or thirsty, your first option should be picking something up from a restaurant that offers drive-through service. It may seem most convenient to find somewhere you can run in and buy something—but it takes longer than you realize.

“Maybe you want something from a burrito or sandwich shop, but that could take five to ten minutes,” Car Safety Expert Alex Lauderdale said. “It might not seem long, but in that time your car could very quickly rise in temperature and in minutes your dog could suffer from heat stroke.”


Be Prepared With Water

Bring some cold water and a water dish. Even if you go through a drive-through with the air conditioner blasting or windows open, your dog could still be warm and thirsty. And if you stop anywhere, even for a short walk, make sure your pup stays hydrated. Keep a small Tupperware or dish in your car; if you forget to bring water, no biggie. Just buy a water when you’re out and about.

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Pet-Friendly Stores

Stick with pet-friendly stores. Many home improvement stores and pet stores will allow you to bring your dogs. This is a great way to get them out of the house and encourage them to socialize, even when it’s sizzling outside.


Pet-Friendly Restaurants

Many restaurants open up their outdoor patios for the summer months, allowing you to wine and dine with your dog. Of course, call ahead to confirm if you can bring your dog. There’s nothing like enjoying a meal with your pup laying at your feet. (Just make sure the patios have fans!)

Photo by Christopher Ayme on Unsplash

Other Pet-Friendly Activities

As cities and towns increasingly pet-friendly, you have more activities than ever to enjoy with your dog, such as breweries, wineries, and farmers markets. Check your local news sites for upcoming events in your area.


Doggie Daycare or Pet Sitters

Can’t take your dog with you? Then leave them in good hands, without regrets. Two great options are doggie day care or hiring a pet sitter. Doggie daycare allows your furball to play with other dogs, while a pet sitter is great for the dogs who prefer staying at home and relaxing in their own space. Trust your pet sitter to make sure they get exercise and attention, while you enjoy the nice summer day!

Remember, having a dog during summer shouldn’t be a hassle. Follow these tips to have a summer you won’t forget—dog included.





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