If there’s one experience that can instantly unify pet owners around the globe, it’s rescuing an animal in need. Our incredible Scollar community proves it every day by sharing pet stories that matter, including how they came across their furballs as just the right moment to make a difference, and the wonderful experiences they’ve shared with their pets since. Some of our most popular blog posts feature these heartwarming dog rescues from selfless owners around the globe.

Read on to enjoy some of Scollar’s favorite rescue stories from the last year. Thanks again to our community of passionate pet lovers—not only for sharing their stories, but for having the courage to follow their hearts.

The Cat That Walks On The Wild Side

Tiny Mighty started off as – you guessed it – a tiny little feline that could snuggle right up in your hand for a snooze. Omari and his partner, Aileen, discovered Tiny Mighty in the bushes one day near their home in North Texas. Without hesitation, they nursed the kitten back to health. After they figured out their new rhythm as a family, Omari decided to take Tiny Mighty on walks. Little did Omari know, but his adventures with Tiny were just getting started. Read on to learn how Tiny Mighty takes charge on these walks and has transformed from helpless kitty to fearless cat.

Dog Allergies Won’t Stop Her From Rescuing

Samira always knew she wanted a dog or two, but she had to wait until she was at the right time in her life to make it happen. She was so excited to rescue a dog that when she discovered she was seriously allergic to them, she viewed it as a bump in the road versus a road block. See how Samira overcame her dog allergies to rescue several Huskies, volunteer at countless shelters and give back to her community in Los Angeles.

A Rescue From The Streets of China

Sakura is an American who traveled to China last year to teach English to students. Her travel plans didn’t include rescuing a tiny, helpless puppy from a village plaza. But when she saw the puppy—and how vulnerable it was, at just a few weeks old—she couldn’t resist. See how Sakura navigates life in China with her puppy, Lil Bat, including overcoming local cultural expectations.

A Rescue, A Cross-Country Move And A Mystery Illness

Kay scooped her dog, Frances, up from a shelter and never looked back. She wanted to give her the doggy life she deserved. So, when Frances became ill with a severely injured paw, Kay was determined to bring her back to health – even if it meant countless doctors and almost $10,000 in medical expenses. Read her story here.



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