Today we measured the distance the bluetooth beacon on the Scollar PCB could remain paired with a phone.  We went to the wine country and found a long straight road with at least a 1km clear line of sight. We know from research conducted by the University of South Australia that a majority of cats stay within 200 meters of their home. Our first question with distance testing was, how far could this little bluetooth beacon stretch with an open line of sight. Turns out, it’s pretty far.

We took the naked PCB and taped it to a piece of cardboard.  It’s kind of lowbrow, but you get the idea.

First we attached the battery to the circuitry to turn it on. You can see our logo on the screen as the circuitry goes through it’s self test and prepares to pair with a phone.

Here the circuitry is paired with a phone via bluetooth.  Time to take a walk and see how far the beacon can reach.

We sent one of our team members down that long straight road.  He walked and walked and walked until we could not see him in the distance.  He reached 650 meters before the bluetooth BLE beacon stopped seeing the phone. 650 meters!!

More to come…



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