We’ve got big plans on New Year’s Eve – and you’re invited!

Every year, people travel from all over the world to New York City on December 31 to ring in the New Year on Times Square. And this year, Scollar will be there, too, in a big way! We’ll be taking over several iconic billboards, which will be viewed by millions of people throughout the evening.

Here’s where you come in. Scollar will be keeping the celebrations going with a virtual party. When pet parents text SCOLLAR to 313131, you get entered to win cool prizes and play fun games. The festivities begins at 5 p.m. EST and will continue on to midnight.

And it doesn’t end there. We took this opportunity to invite our Scollar community to come along for the fun. Earlier this month, Scollar hosted a pet photo contest. We’ll be sharing our billboards with our six favorite photos, chosen out of hundreds of entries. Keep reading for a sneak peak of our NYE billboard lineup.


Jenny, Chunky, Luna And Ruby

Jenny (4) is a a Sealyham terrier, Chunky (6) is a boxer bully mix, Luna (6 months) is a pure mutt and Ruby (3) a is a Great Pyrenees.

Favorite activity: Jenny likes to be the Queen of the house (and be the enforcer) and play tug of war. Chunky likes car rides, playing with Luna and snuggling. Luna likes to be the pesky baby sister who is a nonstop blur of energy. Ruby loves being brushed, going for long walks, and getting hugs.

Favorite nap location: Jenny likes her bed or her human brother’s bed, Chunky likes her bed or a lap to snooze on, Luna will sleep wherever she crashes but it is usually near one of her sisters, and Ruby prefers the hardwood floor but will occasionally use her bed.

Quirkiest habit: Jenny, despite her small size, will enforce the house rules with her larger sisters by snarling, barking, or jumping on them if they misbehave…and they listen to her! Chunky has the worst smelling gas of any dog we know! Luna has the knack to destuff any toy, pillow, or cushion in a matter of minutes. And Ruby just has a way of winning people’s hearts. She is an old soul and the sweetest thing on earth.

What the pet parents love most: They are all so different but all so wonderful in their own ways. It’s amazing on a daily basis watching them interact with each other and us.



Kronos (6)  is an Australian Cattle Dog mix.

Favorite activity: going for car rides, walks, learning and doing tricks, vaulting into water, and going for adventures outside.

Favorite nap location: the bed or the couch, though he can always be found very near his pet parent, sometimes snuggling up and laying his head on their leg.

Quirkiest habit: Kronos likes to talk and makes a wide variety of noises. He also loves playing with his pillow toy, shaking it and doing somersaults with it.

What the pet parents love most: Kronos’s adorable head tilt and his heart melting puppy dog eyes and smile.



“Odin the Naked” (4) is a sphinx cat.

Favorite activity: Cuddling on laps, especially right before his pet parents have to get up to do something.

Favorite nap location: Right smack dab in the center of the bed, unless his pet parent is also trying to sleep, in which case it’s right on the pet parent’s chest.

Quirkiest habit: Riding on shoulders like a parrot.

What the pet parents love most: Odin’s loving and friendly nature. He comes looking for affection, always.


Lucy (1.5) is a golden retriever.

Favorite activity: playing ball.

Favorite nap location: Lucy has designated nap time in her crate with her beloved peanut butter. She also loves laying on “her couch”.

Quirkiest habit: She holds two balls in her mouth at a time. Lately, she’s been trying for 3.

What the pet parents love most: She’s a happy, fun, fluffy little girl who keeps me on my toes.


Loaf (1) is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Favorite activity: He LOVES playtime with other pups. He loves to roughhouse.

Favorite nap location: Underneath the couch. He swears he can still fit just as easily as when he was a puppy (he cannot).

Quirkiest habit: He rolls around on his back and just lays there. Sometimes he falls asleep like that.

What the pet parents love most: How in tune he is with them. If they ever have a bad day, Loaf instantly knows and is right there by their side.


Shinobi Neko

Shinobi Neko (5) is Japanese for “Ninja Cat”. He’s a mixed breed rescue.

Favorite activity: sit on your lap, and moving every 10 seconds so that you’re scratching the right spot on his head.

Favorite nap location: his pet parent’s bed, curled up wherever the blankets are bunched up.

Quirkiest habit: he loves chasing around crumpled-up sheets of lint/fur rollers after I use them to clean up his fur.

What the pet parents love most: he’s always waiting by the door when they get home.



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