Come see us at Open House

We are thrilled to announce that Scollar is featured in Target Open House in San Francisco for four weeks, beginning August 17th! We are excited to work with Target to further explore the world of connected home living. Drop by the store at 4th & Mission and play with Scollar Mini and our newly released Scollar mobile app.

Scollar is re-envisioning the pet industry by aggregating separate pet technology into a sleek smart collar supported by a mobile app and cloud service, all built on an open API. Designed to grow and evolve alongside the pet and their owner, Scollar eliminates the need for multiple collars and apps. We think of it as the ultimate IoT system for pets.


The newly released Scollar app has several cool features for pet owners.

  • Manage all your pets in one place
  • Share your pets with family and friends
  • Enter your pet’s license information
  • Set up reminders for feeding, flea/tick treatments and medications
  • Train your pets for free with curated videos


Learn more about Scollar Mini, for toy dogs and cats, Scollar Trek, for larger dogs, and our expansion modules at For a limited time we are raising funds on equity crowdfunding site, SeedInvest.

Dog Days of Summer with Petcube

Come meet Scollar founders, Lisa Tamayo and John Kennedy, at the Dog Days of Summer with Petcube event at Target San Francisco on Saturday, August 26th from 11am to 2pm.

Click HERE to learn more!



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