It’s officially the season for giving. If you’re obsessed with pets like us, then you know this means giving to our furriest family members, too. While we always have our eye out for awesome toys, this season we thought it was time to step it up a notch. Snowball and Fido deserve pet toys more interesting than a regular ‘ole catnip ball or chew rope, right?

We’ve scoured the web for the most fun and quirky holiday treats and Christmas stocking stuffers. The following items are sure to deliver holiday cheer to your pets (and we know you’ll enjoy them, too!).


Dress In Style for The Party
BOBIBI Dog Sweater

Whether you find Christmas sweaters to be ugly, comical or cozy, the point is that we wear ‘em, so why not our pooches? This clever one from BOBIBI features an reindeer getup (we couldn’t resist), but you can also find patterns of candy cane stripes, elfs, and snowmen. Choose from sizes XS to XL. And it can still ship in time for your neighborhood sweater party.

Break Out The Doggo Bubbly
Dog Perignonn Champagne Bottle Plush Toy

A spin off from the champagne coveted by so many, this squeaky pet toy is meant to elevate your stocking stash with a bit of luxury. It’s a solid 10-inches, so this is meant for bigger dogs (who can hold their squeak and their pretend drink). We’ll toast to that.

When Only The Best Will Do
Ritch Bitch Shampoo

This soap is so decadent, you may be tempted to sneak some for yourself. It’s made for dogs with style, standards—and attitude. It’s also deeply moisturizing and filled with nurturing ingredients, such as argan oil and jojoba oil, for squeaky clean, shiny coats.

(Almost) Homemade Toys For Kitty
Handmade Stuffed Crochet Cat Toy

These cute, handmade crocheted toys will have you do a double-take: you’ll think your kitty ran to the market for you! These come in a combo pack of five food-themed cat toys. Choose from sardines, peas in a pod, pretzels, tacos, carrots, a chili pepper…the list goes on and on.

Keepin’ It Kosher
Copa Judaica Chewish Hot Dog

There’s a variety of chewish toys out there, but this hot dog is sure to be a favorite with doggies and grand-doggies alike. They’ll think they’re getting the real deal—and you and your guests will have a fun time watching them have at it.

Gourmet Biscuits For Pups

From truffles and classic dog bones to gingerbread men and candy canes, Woofables Bakery—exclusively for dogs—is on to something. They have it all: the novelty factor, they’re made from scratch and are chock full of high quality ingredients.

Give Them A Cold One
Snuffle Dog Beer

Yes, dog beer. Yes, it’s really a thing. Of course, this beer comes with 0 percent alcohol and there’s nothing sparkling about it (do you really want your dog burping?). But this does offer a way for you and your dog pals to throw back a cold one together after a day of romping through the park, or tackling that especially challenging hiking trail.

When All Else Fails…
Holiday Reindeer Hat

Turn your dog into living, breathing holiday décor with this Velcro reindeer doc hat. Not only will you have everyone grinning during your evening walks, but you may even fool Santa.








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