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Given the success of fitness and activity trackers for people, it’s not a question of if but when these pet electronic items will explode into ubiquity. And Lisa Tamayo, CEO of Scollar, told the judges and audience at the KC Animal Health Investment Forum that her collar technology could be the be-all-and-end-all one—not just for pets, but for agriculture.

One Collar To Rule Them All

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This year, 200 animal health companies and 40 financial funds signed up for the “Shark Tank”-like event.  One of this year’s participants, California-based Scollar Inc., features a “smart collar” that allows owners to track their pet’s location and temperature and sends out medication or grooming reminders.

Now 10, KC Animal Health Corridor investment forum evolves toward tech, international

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Imagine an animal collar that does it all: tells you where your pooch is located at any time, nudges you about daily feedings and even gives you a heads up if your cat’s about to go batshit on your sofa. Well, put your imagination at rest, because Scollar has arrived. It’s more than an intelligent collar; it’s an open source platform designed to make caring for our animals easier.

Meet Scollar, Winner of Girls in Tech AMPLIFY

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‘Scollar’ is designed for small dogs and cats. This device can track your pet, set meal reminders, create boundaries and keep track of their medications.

This smart collar will make pet care a walk in the park

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The Scollar does about what you want from a smart collar. It does tracking and perimeter fencing. It can allow your pet to easily open and close popular electronic pet doors. It has temperature alerts. It’ll also alert you for daily care, like grooming.

The best pet trackers: GPS and smart collars for dogs and cats

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Scollar is an open platform smart collar, app, and cloud service that gives pet owners any functionality they need.

AI has been integrated with the Scollar service, so tools like Alexa or Google Assistant can tell anyone in your household that the cat was fed and the dog’s medications are up to date.

Can't bring your pet to work? Stay connected with this smart tech

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When you keep a dog, it is common sense to put him on a leash when you take him for outdoor walks. It’s also reccomended for cats, who live indoors and outdoors and for the safety and health of cats. Therefore, as compared with the past, lost pets decreased.

Smart collar that can be used for small dogs and cats "Scollar Mini"

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Scollar Mini is a smart cat and small dog collar that includes GPS tracking, a tappable display, and a battery life of up to 30 days. It’s the only collar you’ll ever need!

These Are the 44 Most Clever and Innovative Products on Kickstarter

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Expandable smart collar for small dogs & cats.

Scollar Mini

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The relationship between owner and pet is a very special one. So it’s all the more dramatic when the dog or the cat disappear. Scollar from Santa Rosa is a GPS-tracker collar and even more…

The Smart Collar for Small Pets

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Parallel to growth of the mainstream wearables market, there has been an increase in the market for pet wearables. From devices that allow you to remotely monitor, water and feed your pet, to technologies that unlock home doors to allow animal sitters access to your home while you are away…

Scollar Mini: smart collar for cats and small dogs

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With so many tech products for pets on the market, it can sometimes seem like our furry friends need about 20 gadgets just to stay on trend. That’s why we love the Scollar Mini so much…

8 Kickstarters to Treat Yourself With on Super Bowl Weekend

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Wearable technology has finally made its way to man’s best friend. We see pet trackers, trainers, monitors, and everything in between. Unfortunately, these tend to come in all different devices adding extra weight to our pets’ collars. In addition, they all come in sizes for large breeds. Enter the Scollar Mini Smart Pet Collar…

The Scollar Mini Smart Pet Collar Helps Your Pet at Every Stage

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Scollar Mini is a smart cat and small dog collar built on an open hardware and software platform that includes GPS tracking with no monthly fees, a tappable display, up to 30-day battery life, On-collar magnetic portable charging, and expandable functionality…

Scollar Mini for Small Dogs and Cats

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When it comes to pets, there are two categories of pet owners. The first would be those who see them as just animals, and there is not much emotional attachment with the pet in question. Even if it falls sick, sending it to the vet to have it put to sleep is seen to be more of a rite of passage or a necessary evil, and you will not have any kind of emotional upheaval.

Scollar Smart Collar looks great on small dogs and cats

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Meet the Scollar Mini: a smart collar for cats and dogs that lets you keep an eye on your small friend at all times. It comes with GPS tracking, Bluetooth, tappable display, buzzer, and a rechargeable battery. It combines with your smartphone to let you set up a home zone for your pet and enter medication and feeding reminders.

Scollar Mini Smart Collar with GPS, Tappable Display

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