There’s Halloween costumes. There’s pet Halloween costumes. And then there’s dressing up WITH your pet for Halloween. Pure magic!

Dressing your pets in costume this year is a big deal. In fact, an estimated 31 million people will be doing just that, and spending approximately $480 million while they do it. This trend is growing in popularity: people want their pets to have the same magical, creative experience that they experience themselves on Halloween night. But dressing up with your pets takes this concept one step further. It takes a “family approach” to the holiday (and adds a whole new level of fun).

If you’re considering this approach, first consider what your dog thinks about clothing. Do they think it’s cozy…or will a costume even survive the night, and instead get treated like a chew toy or torture device? If your dog hates clothes, this may not be for you. And, even if your pets are fashionistas, keeping it simple is probably best.


Food-themed Costumes

People call their dogs all sorts of cute names: Muffin. Hot dog. Pork Chop. Now, you can make it a reality on Halloween night. Bacon and eggs. Vendors and little hot dogs. Heck, even smores!

Check out this duo dressed as “Cup of Noodles” and tell us you’re not grinning!

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Movie Themes

Or, you can look to movies for inspiration. 101 Dalmatians. Wizard of Oz. Paw Patrol. Harry Potter. Pick characters for you and your dog (note: your dog doesn’t have to dress up as a dog movie character; he or she could be anything).

Check out this family dressed as Wizard of Oz characters.

Photo courtesy of Pop Sugar


Dress Like Twins

Have you ever been told that you and your pooch look alike? Run with it!

Sometimes the simple costumes can be the most comical. You can attempt to look like your dog – whether it be scruffy hair, big ears or matching a unique color pattern – or perhaps your dog can look like you.


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Embrace Your Inner Superhero

Does your doggy think he’s Mr. Tough Guy? Play up to (both of your) egos and pretend you’re off to fight bad guys, even if just for one night. Choose matching superhero outfits or each dress up as a favorite. Your neighbors will thank you for protecting them from the mobs of ghosts and witches!

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Double Up On Cuteness

By doing the ‘ole Baby-Dog Combo. Pair a furball with a chunky, smiley baby and it results in an explosion of cute. No, we’re not squealing, you’re squealing!


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The bottom line is that you can’t go wrong. Getting your pet involved with your Halloween costume gets you instant points. Do us a favor…if you dress up with your pet for Halloween, share it with us by Tweeting @ScollarTales. We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Happy Halloween!



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