Meet BOO – Margaret’s and Dick’s beloved Bichon Frise.  BOO is a smart cookie who will bring you the toy you ask for. She also knows how to find “Dad”. But being adorable and smart is not Boo’s most important job.  BOO is Margaret’s emotional support animal and her presence has a calming effect on Margaret both at home and when they travel.

Margaret has endured some severe physical issues including cancer and hip and knee replacements. She also walks with a cane. The loving relationship that Margaret shares with BOO alleviates the anxiety and stress that have resulted from these issues. About two years ago, Dick and Margaret asked Margaret’s doctor to write a letter supporting BOO’s transition to an emotional support animal.

BOO is very much a part of the family and travels twice a year with Dick and Margaret from Arizona to visit family in Minnesota. She is quite a social pup and loves the attention her presence elicits when they travel. During the flight, BOO sits on Margaret’s lap. If you travel by airplane, you have likely noticed the uptick in animals strolling alongside their people in the airport.

When Dick and Margaret make their reservations to fly, they are required to submit the letter from Margaret’s doctor to the airline, indicating BOO’s status as an emotional support companion. BOO must also travel the duration of the flight on either Margaret or Dick’s lap, which BOO is quite happy to do. Margaret reports that when BOO isn’t sleeping, she likes to look out the window at the clouds.

Nice work, BOO! We are so happy to have you as part of the Scollar pack!



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