Getting a Fresh Start

From the smile on Maya’s face, you cannot tell that less than a year ago she was a scared little Yorkie sitting in the All Dogs Matter rescue shop in London. Yoriko, a Japanese woman living and working in London, took one look at Maya’s adorable little face and knew she had found her companion.  When Yoriko met the little Yorkie, her name was Kacey, but her name quickly got changed to Maya, which is the name of the beautiful mountain in Yoriko’s hometown of Kobe City, Japan.


Maya is about 6 years old and the folks at All Dogs Matter assumed from her behavior that she was used for breeding and was likely abused.  Her former life made little Maya quite nervous around people and other dogs.  Maya would tremble whenever they left the house, but she refused to be left behind when Yoriko left home. So Yoriko got a carrier and began to explore London with her new friend. Now they go most places together, exploring in and around London and other wonderful sites in England like the Yorkshire Dales, Seven Sisters, and the Camber Sands Beach.

Exploring Together

The pair walk to Hampstead Heath, a beautiful area in North London, and frequently end up at the pub for a snack. Maya likes the pub, especially when she gets a treat off the table.  And, she is sure to express her disappointment if that treat does not arrive quickly enough. Primrose Hill farmer’s market is another favorite spot and another excellent opportunity for treats for Maya.

Like any fashionable Yorkie, Maya has some fun outfits and a spiffy carrier that is just her size. The carrier helps her feel safe when she and Yoriko go exploring. And while Maya is no longer afraid to go outside, she still feels pretty nervous around larger dogs. She is more comfortable with people and actually interacts with them sometimes.

Yoriko has given Maya a wonderful fresh start in life.  And Maya repays this with lots of love and furry smiles. In short, Yoriko is Maya’s superhero.

You can be a superhero too! Rescue a dog or cat today from your local shelter or humane society.  Lots of furry affection is sure to follow.



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