Summer may be winding down, but it’s not over yet! Let’s revisit some of our most popular articles of the summer. From pet vacation tips and car safety to pet-friendly hotels and fleas, you may find these articles helpful as we approach the Indian summer. After all, traveling, outdoor romping and sunshine never get old.

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Hotels For You And Your Pet

If you’ve often wondered if travel would be more fun with your furry buddy,  you’re not alone. So many of us pet lovers take ‘em with us everywhere. Why not hotels, too? But, there’s more to know about pet-friendly hotels than you think, starting with: just what does pet-friendly mean, anyway? Learn about hotel policies and things to watch out for as you consider traveling with your pet. Read it here.


A Field Guide For On-The-Go Fun

Road trips and adventure with your pet are fun, but they come packed with additional responsibilities and safety needs. Learn what it takes to bring your pooch along with you for the ride (literally). This article covers it all, from car safety, pet-friendly activities, restaurants on the road and more. Take a look to see what you need to do to keep Fido safe on the road. Read it here.

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When The Weather Gets Hot

Some of us will continue to experience warm, summer-like weather for many months (yay!). There’s just one problem: your dog can’t tell you when he is overheating or thirsty. See what you can do to protect your dog from the heat, without interrupting the fun. Read it here.


What You Need To Know About Fleas

Yup, everything you want to know about fleas. We’ve gotcha covered. Here’s the deal about the pesky things: they are a year-round problem, though many of us associate them with summer. We walk you through the signs you need to look for, and how to manage them (any time of year). Read it here.

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Weed Killers And Pesticides

Who doesn’t like a vibrant green lawn or a lush garden? But here’s the deal: when we use weed killers and pesticides, we also must remember that a certain four-legged friend may be roaming the garden, too. Learn the ins and outs of weed killers and pesticides – what’s safe, how to avoid harm to your pet and more. Read it here.



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