It’s not too late to squeeze your pet onto Santa’s nice list, even if the thought of braving crowds of holiday shoppers makes you shudder. There’s no need to stress or have your pets miss out on the holiday fun. Simply call on your inner crafter and roll up your sleeves—it’s time to get creative, save some bucks and maybe even make a bit of a mess. All in the name of these squeal-worthy Do-It-Yourself pet projects.

Read on to check out our favorites. Click on the titles to get the details!


Catnip Gingerbread Man

This gingerbread man stands no chance for your sassy cat; his wear and tear (and missing limb) prove it. This is just the pet present to make your cat’s ego inflate even more—and cause a few giggles from human friends, too.

We love this project because you don’t need sophisticated supplies or sewing chops to make it adorable, and you can personalize the heck out of it if you wish. Your cat’s sure to give it a swipe either way.


Rock Star Studded Dog Collar

Think your dog’s a hipster, or does he tend to zone out to ‘90s grunge music? This DIY pet gift is for those of you whose dogs are cooler than you are, a bad ass studded dog collar. It does it all; it screams “Squeeze me!” and “Don’t even make eye contact without speaking with my talent agent,” all at once.

Studs of your choice and a plain ‘ole dog collar will be enough to get you going with this one, and in less than an hour you’ll have a dog no one will want to mess with (or will they?)



Everyone Needs a Good Scarf

Got a preppy pooch in your family? If so, this may be the perfect pet Christmas gift for him or her. The best part? No. Sewing. Required. Just choose the coziest looking fabric you can find, and then leverage a hot glue gun, Velcro and pom pom trim to pull it all together. The result: the most adorable accessory on the block.

Everyone will be wanting one…even you.




Cool Kitty Hammock

Hammocks may be the most underappreciated, simple pleasure in life.  We’re determined that the cats in our life are going to enjoy the sheer joy it brings to just swing. And do nothing else.

When you think of cat toys, all sorts of scratchy, fuzzy, goofball things may come to mind. But these hammocks are a great upgrade to your existing cat houses or carrying cases.




Savory or Sweet Ice Treats

Is your dog a picky eater? Give him something to snack on. This is the best last-minute gift, if you really hit a time crunch. Just pour chicken or beef broth into an ice cube tray and voila! There are a million variations of this you can try, ranging from peanut butter blends to frosty watermelon bites.

Your furry pals will be drooling in anticipation.




Dream House for Cats

This is a classic, but we couldn’t resist. It’s just the thing to do with that huge pile of Amazon boxes sitting in your garage.  You can craft a simple, single-floor abode, or give her the high-rise condo she’s been meowing about.

You’re in charge of the details: medieval architecture or mid-century? Flat roof or tiled? But that second-floor observatory, it’s a must.





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