We’ve officially entered The Holiday Season. First up: HALLOWEEN, a night of spooky fun that can easily include your resident furball. Who doesn’t welcome the opportunity to dress up their pet and parade them before the neighbors in an utterly goofy getup?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. There are a ton of choices out there, but we couldn’t resist these. If you’re looking for last minute costume for your dog, something sassy for Kitty, or you’re just going on a craft binge, these DIY pet Halloween costumes are worth your while.

Get ready to giggle.

Photo courtesy of Instructables.com

The Walrus

That’s right. You can’t un-see it, nor do you want to. This is a dog looking at you with her big ‘ole Walrus eyes, dressed as a…Walrus. This particular pooch is named Echo, and this is a bona fide homemade Walrus suit, giant tusks and all. According to Echo’s pet Mom: “The Walrus costume is essentially a shell. It fits over the dog’s head and drapes down her back. There are no securing straps, elastic and what have you underneath to keep it in place, it stays still because it encompasses her sides as well.” Get the details here, including the original sketches.



Photo courtesy of SpindlesandSpices.Blogspot.com


You don’t have to watch the Disney movie to appreciate this one. Since your cat likely thinks he or she is royalty, why not make their dreams come true this Halloween? Sassy. Superficial. Spectacular. There’s no way your cat is not going to love it. For bonus points, get them a cute little magical carpet to go with. Check it out here.



Photo courtesy of Irresistiblepets.net


Nope, it can’t be over-done. This one goes out to all the little dogs that are living the thug life. This costume – which only requires a few materials – can take the most innocent cuddle monster and turn him into the kind of canine you don’t want to run into after dark. Bad to the bone. Instructions here.



Photo courtesy of Reddit

Baked Potato

This costume is for the ultimate procrastinator. Not sure what to do with your pup on Halloween Eve? No big deal, just grab a piece of foil from your drawer (or from last night’s takeout) and turn your pooch into a furry, buttery baked potato.

We struggled to find instructions for this one. But here’s your craft list: Foil. Butter. Bam!



Photo courtesy of Pinterest

The Martini

Here’s an opportunity to transform the cone of shame into something magical: a doggie martini. Straight up, shaken, olives. Yes, please! This one requires a bit of painting and foam balls to pull it off. Here’s how you can do it.  (We’re not squealing, you’re squealing!)



Photo courtesy of ToCraftAHome, by Kate Jenkins on Etsy

The Devil

You don’t want to mess with this cat. It’s got horns! Devil horns, that is. This one, pictured, is from Etsy but you can also make your own if you like to crochet. Adding a cape completes the package.

(Just don’t make eye contact.)

Have a fabulous costume idea to share? We want to know about it. Send us your best pet pics and let us know what you’ll be up to on Halloween. With all these options and massive creativity, you can’t go wrong.



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