This is a guest post from our friends at Cats PhD!

If you are graced with a regal feline in your home, you must have heard about catnip. You’ve likely seen those funny stories about cats who found the stash of catnip and are splayed out in a kitty stupor. While Catnip if consumed as a tea or smoked too much can cause vomiting or a severe headache to humans, most cats tend to enjoy the herb. Some cats downright love catnip.

Commonly referred to as Cat Cocaine or Kitty Crack or Kitty Ganja, Catnip is a non-addictive and harmless herb that affects cats in different ways.  Sometimes it causes mild hallucinations and cats become hyperactive or spazzy. Some cats get quite still and simply ponder the kitty universe.

Catnip is generally given to cats to smell, lick, chew.  If they know where you normally sprinkle their favorite mood enhancer, they may saunter over there and let you know they are ready.  You can also  rub it on their fur to make them more active for a few minutes.

Want to learn more about Catnip? Check out this cool infographic from CatsPHD to learn all sorts of new things about this amazing herb.




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