From Chaos To A Revolutionary Idea

Just a few years ago, my household ran amok. Our youngest daughter was still in high school. We were hosting a foreign exchange student at our home in Santa Rosa, California. We were juggling the grind of our careers in tech with the demands of family, plus we had a dog and two cats that needed attention at home. Life was busy—especially with pets involved.

One of our two cats required daily eye drops (yet, no one could remember who did the duty or, if it even got done at all). And, I would often text my daughter at school to see if the kitties got fed, relying on a cryptic mom-to-teen text exchange to ensure our little fur balls received the attention they required. Plus, it was right around this time that our golden retriever jumped on the fence to bark at the dog next door and actually went through the fence and into the neighbor’s yard, scaring them both immensely.



So, I’d like to think that we were in control, but the animals won. Two cats and a dog ruled the roost.

Yet. There’s a silver lining to everything and our chaos was no different. My husband, John, and I had a spark of inspiration: what if we could create a single device that could handle everything needed to manage a pet? We envisioned a fully integrated piece of hardware that could do it all and be a single resource for pet parents—to streamline their lives, enable better pet care and, frankly, cut out the hassle that often comes along with pets when we all get so darn busy.



And just like that, Scollar was born. An entirely new way of managing your pets. An expandable smart collar. An open platform mobile app and cloud service expanded through partnerships. Peace of mind for everyone who loves and cares for animals.

Technology + Fido = Magic

Just for a moment, imagine with me. With just a click into an app, you can check your pet’s activity level and know if they snoozed all day or took an afternoon to sprint through the backyard. You know, with a glance, whether they’ve been fed. No more chasing down information, second-guessing or feeding twice. Heck, you even know how much they were fed and at exactly what time.



Imagine. When your little furry explorer decides he wants to be defiant and go beyond the bounds of your yard (that little rascal!), you’re on it. He may think the outside world is much more interesting than the safe, cozy confines of home, but you know his precise location, courtesy of built-in GPS functionality. (And of course, when you go to rescue him, tail between the legs and all, you forgive him on the spot, because That Face!)

Imagine. Going to the vet when your little dude is under the weather. Instead of yanking out a few sheets of crumbled post-it notes from your pocket—a haphazard attempt to tell the vet everything you know (or think you know) about his behavior—the vet’s one step ahead. They see that he’s sleeping more, barely eating, and that his temperature is relaying signs of an infection. The data is at their fingertips. You breathe a sigh of relief.

Imagine. Your kitty has no desire to use the couch as a giant litter box. Because a perimeter barrier is activated any time she ventures a bit too close. It sends her into a frenzy with its buzzing and blinking. You feel peace of mind—it’s just taken care of. Easy. No more weekly steam cleaning bills.



This is the lifestyle my husband and I could see when we envisioned a tech-driven pet world.

We’re Almost There

We’re living in a tech-powered world as it is. We rely on tech to see our favorite TV programs. We count on it to grab a ride to the airport. We use tech to turn the lights on in our homes and get the AC cranking – before we open the front door. Most of us rely on our smartphones to get through our day, from constantly checking email, skimming news headlines to local shopping expeditions, or asking Alexa for a quick answer when we need it. Like it or not, these little handheld computers rule our lives.

Why not fold your pets into this daily tech landscape, too? Part of the beauty is that technology CAN fold into our lives—elevating our lives, enhancing our lives and providing tremendous value—in ways that are unique to each one of us. Our lives with our furry buddies is no different.



We believe managing pets with technology can make our lives easier. We believe it will lead to an unprecedented, exceptional level of care for our pet family members. And we believe it can support your unique lifestyle with your pet, whatever that may look like for you.



This is what we’re working towards, and we’re almost there. We’re in the final stages of crafting a nimble product to serve as the foundation for your life with Fido. It’s a product we can get behind (it’s consumed our lives for more than two years); we’re thrilled about its massive potential, and we’re even more thrilled to have you experience it firsthand, beginning this summer. (Make sure you get one by pre-ordering).

Stay tuned for more updates. This is just the beginning.


Lisa Tamayo, CEO



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