You know ‘em and we know ‘em. Cat lovers. They love a hot lap, a fuzzy ankle rub, and cozy games of hide and seek. (Get your mind out of the gutter – we’re talking about cats here!).

They also love feline-inspired gifts. Of course, who doesn’t need something with a random pair of whiskers on it? So, if you’re on the hunt for cat loot, we’ve got the right list for you.

Photo courtesy of Coveroo

Cat iPad Case

This is what happens when hipster meets cat. Because nothing screams, “Get away from my electronic device!” more than a herd of cats in glasses glaring at you. This is a great gift for your wacky co-worker, moody teenager or tech-addicted Millennial. If you prefer a different kitty, there’s lots to choose from.



Photo courtesy of Brookstone

Cat Headphones

Silly, punk and…well, effective. This is a comical spin on a practical buy for the cat person who hangs out at co-working spaces or spends his days working in a crowded coffee shop. Not only does it stream crisp audio, it’s an instant conversation starter.



Photo courtesy of Etsy

Cat Sleep Mask

Remind your cat loving friend that 2019 is the year that she should be taking better care of herself. Self-care, right? It starts with a solid 8-hours of sleep. Let these eyes lead the way.


Photo courtesy of Amazon

Cat Teacup and Pot

Don’t let these stoic kitties fool you – when you pour tea with them, it’s a total party. This affordable gift set belongs equally in your mom’s kitchen, a college apartment or a creative agency.


Photo courtesy of Kate Spade

Cat Clutch

Take kitty to the club. Or to a dentist appointment. This clutch is all cutesy on the outside (those ears! Those whiskers!) and all business on the inside (cash, cards and coins, bam).


Photo courtesy of Etsy

Real Men Love Cats

You got that right! This is for the cat dude in your life. They love their cat and they’re not afraid to say so. (Gift is t-shirt only. Man not included).


Photo courtesy of

Cat Cocktail Picks

For the refined cat lover, a way to sneak your kitty obsession into your next happy hour. Purrfectly brilliant, no? Try not to swat at these yarn ball cocktail stirrers when your friends mix their martinis, mmkay?


Photo courtesy of Modcloth

Cat Coffee Table Book

Display your love for cats with this collection of cat images from Cats of Instagram. From hysterical to adorable, you’ll find all your favorite pics packed into one lovely book.



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